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The NEW AVECCT Study Guide is now available to order!

Order information is below. The guide is 400 pages long, with each chapter representing a domain of the AVECCT Examination. Written and edited by AVECCT members, for AVECCT candidates, members, and anyone interested in Emergency and Critical Care.

NOTE: While the AVECCT Study Guide contains valuable information, and is organized in a manner that complements our Examination Blueprint, The Academy of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Technicians makes no claim that the use of the AVECCT Study Guide will guarantee your success on the examination.  Success on the AVECCT Examination is multifactorial and includes the quality of a candidate's work experience; the candidate's study habits and test taking ability.

Example Examination Questions and Answers for each section.

Price is $89, including shipping.

Please note, it can take 2-3 weeks for the book to arrive at your home, we order them in batches and they are printed to order. Duties are generally not applicable as the publisher we use uses printers in each country... making shipping domestic.

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