Find a Mentor

The process of achieving your AVECCT Credential is a lengthy, involved, pressure-filled marathon.  Many of our members have found the help of a mentor invaluable on their journey: from the application process, through the months of exam preparation, and in their VTS (ECC) careers.  AVECCT has several members available to mentor candidates, all over the world.  These mentors have been through the process and know the pressures and pitfalls of the application, examination, and beyond and are happy to help you on your path.

The Mentor Committee Chairs work to pair mentors and candidates who are geographically close to help facilitate meetings and communication. 

Mentors have lots of experience to share and are great resources but it’s important to remember that the mentoring relationship is driven by the mentee.  It is up to the mentee to communicate with the mentor what they need: whether it’s help with skills mastery, reviewing case reports, or help with studying exam topics, mentors are invaluable sources of knowledge, support and inspiration.

If you think you would benefit from having a mentor, please fill in this form.  The form will be submitted to the Mentor Chairs so they can get started on matching you up!

Once matched, please fill in this Mentorship Disclaimer